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The Balancing Act

We are born with sufficient energy to last the length of the life given to us.

We are constantly consuming and renewing our energy in daily life.

So why do we sometimes feel exhausted?

Life is a delicate balance, an intricate dance between work and family, finances, relationships, and personal commitments.

Life’s pressure can be positive, creating expansion and growth from our experience or negative leaving us tired and depleted.

Often there is little thought given to health when things are working well in our body and our internal environment is balanced.

In good health, the energy circulates freely nourishing our organs and muscles. This energy flows to the mind and allows creative thought and animates the spirit.

Over a period of time, the weighted pressure of constant demands pulling and distracting us from our personal purpose and own wellbeing leaves us tired.

It is at this point we have lost the balance and harmony in our internal and external environment and we are vulnerable to dis-ease in the body.

We become aware that our internal environment is out of balance when we experience physical or emotional discomfort.

We are all unique individuals, wired differently, by our environment, culture, personalities, life’s circumstances and the different opportunities that manifest to us, because of this we perceive and process things differently.

In our life there are things we need to do and things we want to do.

It is how we feel about undertaking the challenges that are presented to us that cause the internal imbalance.

When a task is done with grace and ease, the energy expenditure is less.

If there is resentment, more energy will be consumed and the energy flow affected.

Stress can manifest itself physically in any organ and certain sustained emotions are symptoms of a dis-eased organ. Different organs will reveal their distress through emotional imbalances.

Heart – lack of joy, inappropriate laughter and anxiousness

Kidneys – fearful or fearless

Spleen – overthinking and obsessive thoughts and worry.

Liver- anger, frustration

Lungs – grief and despair

The aim of acupuncture is to recognise the imbalance, trace it to its origin and harmonise the body’s internal environment.

When people’s internal environments are in balance they can be more present, more focused, more positive and more productive in what they are doing in the moment.

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