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What is Chinese Medicine?

What is Chinese Medicine and how does it work to maintain Good Health?

Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system that deals with Qi (energy), blood and body fluids, Yin (cold) and Yang (heat). This medical system looks for any imbalance in the body, where it occurs, why it occurs and how the body can be treated to regulate it’s environment and maintain internal balance.

There are 5 Branches to Chinese Medicine, these are;

Diet: Eating a balanced diet of foods that are in season and that are not heavily processed.

Exercise: Tai chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Kong fu, Qi Gong, swimming, walking

Acupuncture: The use of fine needles to restore balance within the body.

Herbal Medicine: This may include plant matter, animal matter or minerals in a formula.

Massage: The physical stimulation of the body to encourage blood and energy flow.

These branches can work in unison or independently of each to restore balance.

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