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Brigitte Lalor is a dedicated practitioner of Chinese Medicine, qualified in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture.  She is skilled in treating conditions of pain including digestive issues, sleep disorders, mental health problems, respiratory conditions, gynaecological symptoms and neurological disorders using a range of techniques including acupuncture and herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle advice, massage and stretching, moxibustion and cupping.


Brigitte graduated with a double degree in Chinese medicine in 2010 and has been in practice for 14 years.  She also has over 20 years of experience in Massage Therapy.  She has worked with and has learnt from the best mentors nationally and internationally to continue to deliver the best service to those who are committed to regaining their health. 

“A calm, healthy mind is extremely beneficial for physical health.” 

- His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Broadly speaking, Acupuncture has 3 primary effects these are; pain relief, reducing inflamation and restoring homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the bodies ability to regulate its environment and maintain it's internal balance.

If we understand that most disease are characterized by pain, inflammation and disturbance of homeostasis we can begin to understand why acupuncture can be effective for so many conditions.


Select from two styles of massage, remedial or relaxation. Selecting the type of massage you want comes down to how you want to feel after the treatment. Each massage is individual tailored to the clients needs. 


A Remedial massage will help reduce pain and increase the range of movement in your body.

A Relaxation massage will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured and taken care of.


Laser Acupuncture offers an effective alternative to using needles. 

Low level laser supports the healing process by using direct light that is calibrated to produce positive changes for wound healing, tissue regeneration, inhibiting inflammation and for soothing pain.

Electro-acupuncture is a technique that pairs acupuncture needles together via a electro-acupuncture stimulator, which generates electric pulses. It can be used for a wide array of conditions, especially for musculo-skeleton conditions for the relief of pain.


In ancient China it was rare to use acupuncture without the simultaneous use of moxibustion, a therapy which involves the burning of Moxa (a species of Chrysanthemum).


Moxa is a small, spongy herb that facilitates healing by stimulating blood circulation and warming the channel.


Cupping is a therapy in which a glass cup is attached to the skin’s surface by suction and dragged along to stimulate the movement of Qi and Blood.  The cupping method draws the surface of the skin into the cup. This has the function of warming and promoting the free flow of Qi and Blood in the body this technique is effective in reducing pain and strengthen the immune system.

  • How does acupuncture work?
    Acupuncture points are found on neurovascular pathways, so they are rich in sensory nerve fibres, blood vessels and mast cells. Acupuncture works by stimulating the peripheral nervous system and other systems in our body like the vascular and immune system. By stimulating the body immune system Acupuncture capitalizes on the body superior ability to heal it self. By stimulating the vascular system Acupuncture stimulates blood flow in the area. This is significant as blood has everything in it, that it needs to heal. By stimulating certain acupuncture points we are assisting in regulating the bodies internal environment to maintain internal balance.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    Acupuncture rarely hurts. You usually don't feel the needle being inserted as they are quite fine. Most people experience a dull ache around the base of the inserted needle on manipulation. Acupuncture points on the hands and feet can sometimes be a little sharp, but the sensation is usually brief.
  • Is acupuncture safe?
    Acupuncture is very safe. The risks of acupuncture are low if you have a trained and certified acupuncture practitioner like Brigitte Lalor. Brigitte is a member of both Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Australia Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She has seven years of general clinical practice. Possible minor side effects after Acupuncture treatment may include: slight soreness, minor bleeding or bruising at the needle site. As we are a licensed acupuncturists we use sterile equipment, and single use disposable needles. Not everyone is a good candidate for acupuncture or for particular types of acupuncture. Conditions that may increase your risks of complications include: Bleeding disorders. Your chances of bleeding or bruising from the needles increase if you have a bleeding disorder or if you're taking blood thinners, such as warfarin (Coumadin), so let your acupuncturist know. Having a pacemaker. Acupuncture that involves applying mild electrical pulses to the needles can interfere with a pacemaker's operation. Being pregnant. Some acupuncture points can stimulate labor. These points are avoid during pregnancy and may be needled at full term to encourage delivery. Aside from this acupuncture is very safe and can be very helpful during pregnancy. If you are left concerned in any way, please feel free to call.
  • Do you reuse the needles?
    No we use single use, disposable needles. We are licensed acupuncturists and are required to use sterile, disposable needles.


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